My name is Trevor Thorpe, but if you found Send Your Sabbatical this early, chances are you already knew that (hi Mom!). I’m a professional tennis coach in the Santa Barbara Area and I also own a small vacation rental business that operates in the US and Mexico.

The best way to explain what I’m doing here (besides what I wrote in my first blog post) is to say that self-improvement and intentional living are important to me. I’m not trying to be comfortable all the time. Constant comfort is an excellent path to mediocrity and that doesn’t appeal to me. I’m not trying to settle in; I’m trying to grow and to thrive and to make an impact! Doesn’t that sound better than mediocre?

I believe that we maximize our human potential when we are willing to consider our lives and make room for change. Change is sometimes uncomfortable and that’s okay.

Send Your Sabbatical comes from the Gen Z terminology “Send it!” or “Full-send!” If you were on reddit looking at WallstreetBets during the Gamestop and “Meme Stock” moment we had in early 2021, you’ve encountered this term. It’s akin to going “all-in” or a commitment to action that requires a deep breath before embarking.

Stepping away from Thorpe Tennis to live in Latin America for three months is a full-send moment. By reading this website, you get to join me on the adventure. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to Send Your Sabbatical next?!

Let’s build something together.