What is Send Your Sabbatical?

Send Your Sabbatical will initially be a simple documentary blog. I plan to write about my experience taking a sabbatical from my main career at a tennis coach in Santa Barbara, California. Specifically, I intend to share what made me decide to take a sabbatical, how I think this work-break will help me improve myself (including as a tennis coach).

In addition, I’ll be sharpening my writing skills by doing posts on various topics I research while away from teaching tennis. These topics may include: general investment strategies, equities analysis, real estate and vacation rental property portfolios, living/learning abroad and geo-arbitrage, location-independence and remote work.

It’s entirely possible hardly anyone will ever find this site and read my content; that’s perfectly okay. On the other hand, I think it would be pretty awesome if documenting my experience on sabbatical benefits others in one way or another. Maybe it will be a cautionary tale, maybe a revolution…either way it should be interesting!

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